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by Huseyin Bicen - Thursday, 12 November 2015, 9:11 AM

 Dear Prospective Student,

              We appreciate your interest in our University and Education. NEU is an internationally recognized higher education institution which was founded in Nicosia,TRNC,Turkey 1988 with its highly competent teaching staff and extra ordinary education opportunities. NEU has membership in European Universities Association (EUA), International Association of Universities under UNESCO, Federation of Universities in the Islamic World (FUIW), International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI) as well as various 188 national and international institutions. 

              Built within a contemporary campus, NEU is composed of 17 faculties, graduate schools, institutes, hospital labaroties, computer and cultural centres, the Grand Library, dormitories, indoors olympic swimming pool as well as various social and sports centres. In addition to al these, NEU is integrated with the NEU Nursery, NEU Pre School, NEU Primary School and Near East College. 

             In addition to its 17 faculties, NEU has 112 Departments, 187 Master's and Phd programs in 4 institutes, 4 Graduate Schools and 28 Research Centres.

The main aim of NEU is to train highly confident students who deem responsiblity as a priority in their lives as well as competent to develop rationalist , creative and free thoughts regarding communal and histroical values. Admission into Open and Distance Learning Program is now open for the upcoming Spring semester which will commence classes in February, 2016

The most detailed information can be found in the University website via the following links:

          NEU Faculty of Open and Distance Education is a member of the European Distance E-Learning Network and Global Universities in Distance education,our Programs are accredited by Council of Higher Education. NEU Distance Learning has commenced  with 4 UG Programs and 3 (non-Thesis) MA Programs in September 2015. You may see the courses through this link:

            Please be informed that  70% of the program is administered online,supported by Pearson materials as well as visual classes and records. Hence ,student  should visit campus once/twice a semester for examination (which is the remaining 30% of the whole course). 

The admission can be conducted online through: with the following documents:

    1. Application Form 
    2. International Passport
    3. Academic Credentials
    4 Worldwide recognized English Proficiency Record, if applicable , such as IELTS or TOEFL (optional) 
    5. Academic transcript,description
with grading scale (especially for graduate program admission).

        As soon as the evaluation is completed by the concerned admission committee, applicant will be informed of the outcome and advised accordingly. 

  The annual tuition fees for the UG and MA courses are 2,750€ and 3,750€ respectively.The tuition fees are payable twice,that is,per semester,which is half of either of the earlier stated amounts. 

 As we look forward to hearing from you,do not hesitate to contact us for more information in case the need arises.

Best Regards

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